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Protection Information Computer Systems Pdf Download

Protection Information Computer Systems Pdf Download

protection information computer systems pdf


Protection Information Computer Systems Pdf Download >

















































Protection Information Computer Systems Pdf Download


For example, if the controller for a group of magnetic discs were to fail, it is necessary to determine whether a crucial segment of the software would be made unavailable for security control. The INTERNAL and EXTERNAL STRUCTURE statements (i.e., internal and external to the particular component in question) are handled the same way by the system software. Maintenance. Initially, the representative of the Directorate for Security Policy was Lieutenant Commander Armen Chertavian (USN); and the representative to the Policy Panel from the Central Intelligence Agency, was Mr. The depth of operational control exerted by the System Security Officer; . It is often called Q-classified, but note that this use of classification is an extended sense of the formal usage of the word. Sometimes, special investigative procedures are stipulated for granting access to information in special categories. Following are some other points that should be considered. For example, the System Security Officer oversees all the protective features of the system, as well as controlling its operational security status.


Thomas Chittenden, National Security Agency, Fort George G. J. The security structure language formally defines a set of relations among entities, including names of clearances or classifications, code words, labels, etc. Also, to the maximum extent possible, checks between security controls should cross system components; e.g., manual actions should be checked by equipment records, software checks of hardware should not depend on the hardware being checked. Certification of an overall system, determined on the basis of inspection and test results, shall be characterized in terms of the highest classification or most restrictive specific special-access categories that may be handled. Figure 1 .


For example, when a computer terminal is spoken of as having a given level of clearance, it is implied that certain investigative procedures and tests have established that the corresponding level of classified information can be safely transmitted through that terminal. Ultimately, a Report has to be written by one person. For each terminal connected to the system, a list of certain parameters relevant to it. Thus, internal checks are necessary to insure that the protection is operative. Some secure computer systems will require a supplementary procedure to validate classifications suggested by users. At a minimum, the testing program should attempt to violate security controls, and should verify that the correct response was received in all cases. Little more can be said about language processors or utility programs except to require that they be thoroughly tested by the user agency for correct operation and for detection and rejection of' incorrect sequences of instructions or other errors. Figure 4 . Provided that techniques approved by the appropriate cognizant agency are used, the resource-sharing system can itself be utilized to generate authentication words, provided the output is available only at a designated terminal and that the procedure is carried out under the cognizance of the System Security Officer. ef1da23cbc

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